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    Disclosure (1994)
    GenreDramatic thriller
    Directed byBarry Levinson
    Written byPaul Attanasio, Akiva Goldsman
    One review8.0


    His career. His marriage. His future. It's all on the line for DigiCom executive Tom Sanders (Michael Douglas). He rejected the passionate advance of his new boss (Demi Moore). Now she's charging him with sexual harrassment. Suddenly, long-time company man Tom must scramble for his corporate life--a scramble that will lead him into the dazzling cyberworld of DigiCom's new virtual reality corridor, and lay bare a shocking conspiracy among key company personnel.


    Michael Douglas
    Demi Moore
    Donald Sutherland
    Caroline Goodall
    Dylan Baker
    Rosemary Forsyth
    Allan Rich
    Donal Logue
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