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    Discover Zac Ryan

    Directed byCorey Paul
    Written byCorey Paul, Richard Clark Jr.

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    Discover Zac Ryan begins in an abortion clinic in 1978. Madeline Ryan is 19 years old, tender-eyed, confused and about twelve weeks pregnant. Her boyfriend Eric, 23, is a career-minded student on his way to grad school. They talk together in the clinic as they wait to be seen. Madeline is hesitant, but Eric is determined to get this done today.

    In the midst of conversation Eric makes the statement "Having a baby will change everything!". A doctor enters and asks Madeline if she is ready...if she really wants to go through with this. The room is silent.

    All we hear...is a HEARTBEAT.

    Flash-forward to PRESENT DAY and ZAC RYAN is a clinical oncologist searching for a cure, when he discovers his trial patient is his biological father.


    David Garrett
    Jeff Joslin
    Kendra Carelli
    Matt Godson
    Bonnie Johnson
    John Tyner
    Charis Jeffers
    Chason Lane
    Marcus Zollicoffer
    Jae A. LaBrec
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    Photo from the movie Discover Zac Ryan
    Photo from the movie Discover Zac Ryan
    Photo from the movie Discover Zac Ryan

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