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    Dish Dogs

    Poster of the movie Dish Dogs

    Dish Dogs

    1h 37min
    2000     Romantic comedy-drama     USA

    Morgan and Jason are two of the most ineligible bachelors in town. Budding philosophers, they pride themselves on their resistance to the female art of persuasion. Determined to maintain their single status, they travel the California coast surfing, philosophizing and washing dishes to earn their keep. When a good friend submits to the vows of matrimony, the two truth-seekers reluctantly travel home for an old girlfriend and Morgan meets his match- a leather-clad stripper with a mind as sharp as her stilettos! As both finally fall prey to the temptations of love, they must choose between their principles and their hearts.

    Directed byRobert Kubilos
    Written byAshley Scott Meyers, Nathan Ives
    CompanyLionsgate FilmsLionsgate FilmsLionsgate Films


    Sean Astin
    Matthew Lillard
    Brian Dennehy
    Shannon Elizabeth
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