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    Turkish poster of the movie Dot

    Dot (2008)

    Original lang.Turkish
    Run time1h25m
    GenreDramatic thriller
    Directed byDervis Zaim
    Written byDervis Zaim


    Ahmet decides to help his friend Selim sell an invaluable Koran and family heirloom. But when he brings in his mafia contacts, they kidnap Selim and plan to blackmail his father, Veli Hodja, into handing over the 13th century Koran. Veli Hodja concedes to their demands but his son's kidnappers murder Selim all the same. Ahmet then kills all the thugs in the ensuing chaos.

    After a time, Ahmet considers tracking down Selim's family and telling them the truth. But then he learns that Selim's father, Veli Hodja, is dead. He then approaches Selim's uncle, Hamdullah Hodja, but can't bring himself to tell him the truth. Instead, Ahmet gives Mumin, the old man's helper, a partial account of the past.


    Numan Acar
    Cem Aksakal
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