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    Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas

    Poster of the movie Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas

    Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas (2017)

    Run time1h04m
    Directed byLarry Weinstein
    Written byJason Charters
    2 reviews9.0


    Mrs. Schneider: His Jewish neighbor's haunting past is revealed to a young boy in this poignant short. Speaker: Acton Institute Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas: With a Chinese restaurant as a backdrop, this offbeat, irreverent musical documentary tells the story of how a generation of Jewish songwriters found Christmas to be the perfect holiday in which to imagine, and believe in, a better world for at least one day a year.


    Adam Daniel Mezei
    Decker Williams
    Hannah Kelderman
    Steven Page
    Jenna Harris
    Shelly Faber
    Jeremy Salzman
    Gaston Poon
    Kevin Breit
    Nicole Haber
    Andrew Chung
    Alex Seo
    Franc-Anton Harwart
    Dione Taylor
    Don Pham
    Justin Gray
    Tom Wilson
    Aviva Chernick
    Fred Tymoshenko
    Jordan Phouttharath
    Kang Ho
    Roger Feng
    David Wall

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