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    Easy to Assemble

    Easy to Assemble

    TV Series     2008     Comedy     USA

    Easy to Assemble follows Illeana Douglas as she quits her Hollywood career and goes to work at IKEA Burbank in an attempt at a 'normal life.' However your past is often more difficult to leave behind than you think. Especially when Hollywood craziness with its gossip columnists, stalkers and celebrity friends follows you. Can Illeana assimilate in "civilian" life and prove that "art is where you make it?"


    Illeana Douglas
    Michael Irpino
    Tom Arnold
    Eric Lange
    Justine Bateman
    Jane Lynch
    Roger Bart
    Craig Bierko
    Ed Begley Jr.
    Daryl Sabara
    Tim Meadows
    Keanu Reeves
    Sung Kang
    Cheri Oteri
    Ray Wise
    Robert Patrick
    Fred Willard
    Jeff Goldblum
    Shane Johnson
    Kevin Pollak
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