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    Poster of the movie Endgame


    2009     Drama     United Kingdom

    In 1985 South Africa burns as the vile Apartheid regime crumbles. In the months leading up to this historic moment, a group of men hold secret talks to bring about peace and democracy to the nation. Under constant threat and fearful for their lives, a gathering of ANC "terrorists" led by the future president of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki and key Afrikaner representatives meet in a manor house in South East England.

    Aganist all the odds, throgh volatile discussions, set backs and breakthroughs, the secret talks in Britain achieve a precious arena of frail trust between the two archenemies. While Mandela's tense negotiations at Pollsmoor Prison and later in the heavily bugged warden's villa at Victor Verster Prison prove fruitful, the courage of the unsung heroes at the crucial British talks begin to show results.

    Directed byPete Travis
    Written byPaula Milne



    William Hurt
    Chiwetel Ejiofor
    Jonny Lee Miller
    Mark Strong
    Derek Jacobi
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    Photo from the movie Endgame
    Photo from the movie Endgame
    Photo from the movie Endgame

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