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    Faces of a Fig Tree

    Faces of a Fig Tree

    Ichijiku no kao     1h 34min
    2006     Family     Japan
    Original lang: Japanese

    Observes the tragedies that begin to pull apart the ties of the Kadowaki family. When the family patriarch suddenly accepts a night job on a construction site, this raises suspicions of infidelity in his wife. Another member of the family, Oto, dies of a brain hemorrhage. Masaa, the mother, cracks up emotionally and Yume, the daughter, learns that she was actually adopted by her parents.

    Directed byKaori Momoi
    Written byKaori Momoi


    Kaori Momoi
    Hanako Yamada
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    Photo from the movie Faces of a Fig Tree
    Photo from the movie Faces of a Fig Tree

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