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    Farmer of the Year

    Poster of the movie Farmer of the Year
    2018     Comedy-drama    
    1h 43min

    After selling his farm, an aging farmer finds himself useless and adrift. Struggling to maintain his youth he sets out in a '73 Winnebago to attend his 65th WWII reunion in California with his aimless and unreasonably self-confident granddaughter. As the journey progresses so does their relationship and they begin to understand and appreciate each other as individuals while discovering that being young and being old, aren't all that different.

    Directed byVince O'Connell, Kathy Swanson
    Written byKathy Swanson


    Terry Kiser
    Barry Corbin
    Mackinlee Waddell
    Michelle O'Neill
    Nancy Marvy
    Jim Lichtscheidl
    Sue Scott
    David Tufford
    Anna Sundberg
    Robert Berdahl
    Beverly Golberg
    Aaron Courteau
    Jane Hammill
    Joetta Wright
    James Gaulke
    Gini Adams
    James Detmar
    Paul Economon
    Brent Teclaw
    Ines Peter
    Sara Richardson
    Joe Kessler
    Douglas Sidney
    Philip Spensley
    Ricardo Vázquez
    Alison Edwards
    Jeremy Frandrup
    Allen Regimbal
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