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    Fire Birds

    Poster of the movie Fire Birds

    Fire Birds

    1h 25min
    1990     Action/adventure     USA

    Selected for their courage, skill and sheer nerve, daring pilots Chief Warrant Officer II Jake Preston (Nicolas Cage) and Chief Warrant Officer II Billie Lee Guthrie (Sean Young) police the sky as part of an elite army helicopter task force. Aerial avengers who hover, dive and dodge near the brink of death everyday, they fight their air battles with a unique weapon: the high-tech Apache helicopter -- the army's most advanced flying fighting machine. Just how far the choppers and their crew can go is put to the test when the Apache task force is assigned to complete a secret mission in Latin America. Infiltrating hostile territory to do combat with an international enemy, the seemingly fearless flyers soon discover they are fighting a desperate war both on the ground and in the sky.

    Directed byDavid Green
    Written byStep Tyner, John K. Swensson, Dale Dye, Nick Thiel, Paul F. Edwards
    CompanyKino LorberKino LorberKino Lorber


    Nicolas Cage
    Tommy Lee Jones
    Sean Young
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