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    For The Good Of Others

    For The Good Of Others

    El mal ajeno     1h 47min
    2010     Drama     Spain
    Original lang: Spanish

    As a doctor, Diego often finds himself in life-or-death situations. So often, in fact, that he has become inured to the pain of others. One of his patients is Sara. She is trying to come to terms with a traumatic experience. When Sara tries to commit suicide, Sara's husband angrily reproaches Diego and blames him for her suicide attempt. A terrible fight breaks out during the course of which Diego is threatened with a gun. Hours later, the doctor can only remember a noise that sounded like a gunshot; moreover, he has the ominous feeling that he has more to do with this gunshot than he would like to admit.

    Directed byOskar Santos
    Written byDaniel Sánchez Arévalo


    Eduardo Noriega
    Belén Rueda
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    Photo from the movie For The Good Of Others
    Photo from the movie For The Good Of Others

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