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    Poster of the movie Fortier
    TV Series    2001     Thriller    
    Original lang: French

    Anne Fortier (Lorain) is a criminal psychologist from Montreal, who works with the investigators of SAS (Anti-Sociopathic Service), a fictional police division specialising in crimes involving abnormal psychology. Although their sordid crimes include a shoe thief and a pyromaniac, most of the cases given a lot of time on the series are murders, often serial killings. While solving these cases Fortier and her colleagues must wrestle with her own murky past and several psychological issues.



    Sophie Lorain
    Gilbert Sicotte
    Pierre Lebeau
    Sylvie Drapeau
    Alexis Martin
    Jean-Nicolas Verreault
    Paul Doucet
    Julien Poulin
    Patrick Drolet
    David La Haye
    Gilles Renaud
    Jean-François Casabonne
    Lucie Laurier
    Sébastien Ricard
    Réal Bossé
    Pierre-Luc Brillant
    Marc Béland
    Maxim Gaudette
    François Papineau
    Louise Portal
    Patrice Bélanger
    Sophie Cadieux
    Anne-Marie Cadieux
    Benoît Gouin
    Patrick Huard
    Patrick Labbé
    Sylvain Marcel
    Patrice Robitaille
    Paul Ahmarani
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