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    Frankenstein: The True Story

    Poster of the movie Frankenstein: The True Story

    Frankenstein: The True Story

    3h 5min
    1973     Sci-fi horror     United Kingdom

    When Dr. Victor Frankenstein is shown a reanimated severed arm, he becomes increasingly curious about the potential to bring the dead back to life. He begins working with Dr. Henri Clerval in pursuit of vivifying animal, and eventually human, corpses.

    Directed byJack Smight
    Written byChristopher Isherwood, Don Bachardy, Mary Shelley
    CompanyMCA TelevisionMCA TelevisionMCA Television


    James Mason
    Leonard Whiting
    David McCallum
    Jane Seymour
    Michael Sarrazin
    Michael Wilding
    Agnes Moorehead
    Margaret Leighton
    Ralph Richardson
    John Gielgud
    Tom Baker
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