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    Fuel (2008)
    Directed byOktay Ortabasi
    Written byOktay Ortabasi, Jefferson Bonar
    One review4.0


    Fuel is the story of a young man's struggle to save his girl from her abusive environment. Emilio and Sandy struggle to "get out" before it is too late. Emilio discovers that he has the ability to run incredibly fast. With the hope of a scholarship, he sees an opportunity to leave his hometown, along with his troubles, and take his girl with him. But a tragic flaw, a violent streak he possesses, induced by exposure to gasoline vapors, will all but destroy his best-laid plans. Hope flows through Emilio's heart not like blood but like fuel.


    Lauren Anthony
    Will Beinbrink
    Kerris Dorsey
    C. Thomas Howell
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