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    Geraldine's Fortune

    Poster of the movie Geraldine's Fortune

    Geraldine's Fortune

    1h 33min
    2004     Comedy     Canada

    Geraldine Liddle (Jane Curtin) is a mild mannered middle aged supermarket supervisor with one child, three sisters, an unemployed husband, and a small group of people she thinks are her friends. When Geraldine gets an opportunity to compete for two million dollars on the hit game show "Bring Home the Bacon", suddenly she becomes the center of everyone else's greed, ambition and jealousy. Even before she's answered her first skill-testing question on TV, Geraldine is besieged with pressure from friends and family to share her potential earnings, and help those around her achieve their dreams. All of this only serves to highlight the fact that Geraldine hasn't yet figured out dreams of her own.

    Directed byJohn N_ Smith
    Written byTim Burns
    CompanyFilms SévilleFilms SévilleFilms Séville


    Jane Curtin
    Mary Walsh
    Matt Frewer
    Sheila McCarthy
    Peter MacNeill
    Monique Mercure
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