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    Good Times

    Poster of the movie Good Times
    Good Times (1967)
    Run time1h31m
    GenreMusical comedy
    Directed byWilliam Friedkin
    Written byTony Barrett, Nicholas Hyams
    CompanyColumbia PicturesColumbia PicturesColumbia Pictures
    One review4.0


    Sonny and Cher are happily married rock and roll singing stars with millions of fans. Despite their success, Sonny longs to achieve additional fame and fortune in movies, while Cher is content with their current popularity. Film tycoon Mr. Mordicus offers to launch their career in pictures, and Sonny lapses into a series of daydreams in which he envisions himself and Cher playing various stereotyped Hollywood roles. First, he is a gun-slinging Western sheriff, and Cher is a dancehall queen. Next, he becomes Tarzan living in a treehouse with Cher as his adoring mate. Finally, he conjures up a vision of himself as a tight-lipped private investigator, with Cher playing both a moll and a sultry singer. Sonny realizes that in all three fantasies, Mr. Mordicus appeared as a ridiculous-looking villain. Consequently, when Mordicus presents him with a stale old script, Sonny ignores the producer's threats and refuses the offer. Although he has not abandoned the idea of becoming a film star, Sonny decides to concentrate on his singing career with Cher.


    Sonny & Cher
    George Sanders
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