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    Gordon and Paddy

    Swedish poster of the movie Gordon and Paddy

    Gordon and Paddy

    Gordon & Paddy     1h 2min
    2017     Animation     Sweden
    Original lang: Swedish

    Filmmaker Linda Hamback, creates an engrossing forest world filled with magical creatures in this charming tale of friendship. While on assignment, Police Chief Gordon (voiced by Stellan Skarsgard) meets a timid young mouse (voiced by Melinda Kinnaman). In light of a recent rash of robberies that everyone assumes were perpetrated by the local fox, Gordon, a frog, invites the nameless mouse to the police station for a good night's sleep. He soon takes her under his wing, naming her Paddy. On the cusp of retirement, Gordon also trains Paddy his protégée, with her studying his every move. When two children go missing, Paddy will have to prove that she's not only ready to step into Gordon's shoes, but that she can do it with her own unique style. Blooming with charm, this wonderful story challenges our perceptions -- including what we might expect from a tiny mouse and big, bad fox.

    Directed byLinda Hambäck
    Written byUlf Nilsson, Gitte Spee, Jan Vierth

    Featuring Voices of

    Stellan Skarsgard
    Melinda Kinnaman
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    Photo from the movie Gordon and Paddy
    Photo from the movie Gordon and Paddy

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