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    Hand of God

    Poster of the movie Hand of God
    TV Series    2014     Criminal drama    

    The hard-living, law-bending king of San Vicente, Pernell Harris, has finally hit bottom as he faces trial for the murder of a cop. Pernell's visions and his dead son will slowly lead him through a conspiracy that is bigger than he could have imagined, but will threaten his relationship with his wife and everything he holds dear, forcing him to fight for both his sanity and his freedom.

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    Ron Perlman
    Dana Delany
    Andre Royo
    Garret Dillahunt
    Jon Tenney
    Guy Burnet
    Emilio Rivera
    Nia Long
    Hunter Parrish
    Jacob Vargas
    Alanna Ubach
    Jenny Wade
    Bill Cobbs
    Linda Gray
    Camryn Manheim
    Brian Hooks
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