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    Poster of the movie Haven


    TV Series     2010     Fantasy drama     Canada

    Strange things are happening in Haven, Maine. A supernatural plague, known as "The Troubles", has descended upon the town and afflicted it's helpless residents. Audrey Parker, an FBI Special Agent, is a new arrival to Haven and soon finds herself caught up in the inexplicable. As she opens her skeptic mind to the paranormal, she finds that her arrival to the town may have been mysteriously arranged and that her name and memories are not her own.



    Emily Rose
    Lucas Bryant
    Eric Balfour
    Jayne Eastwood
    Stephen McHattie
    Christian Camargo
    William Shatner
    Claudia Black
    Connor Price
    Peter MacNeill
    Joris Jarsky
    Laura Vandervoort
    Devon Bostick
    Kristin Booth
    Jason Priestley
    Kenneth Welsh
    Iain Glen
    Lyriq Bent
    Melanie Scrofano
    Rossif Sutherland
    Alex Carter
    Max Topplin
    Steve Lund
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    Photo from the movie Haven
    Photo from the movie Haven
    Photo from the movie Haven

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