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    High School Lover

    Run time1h30m
    Directed byJerell Rosales
    Written byAmber Coney, Jessica Dube


    When 17-year-old Kelley Winters sneaks out to the city one night with her friends she isn't expecting to meet the hottest actor in Hollywood Christian Booth. After spending the whole night talking Kelley gives him her number assuming she will never hear from him again. To her surprise and excitement Christian texts her immediately and the two start spending time together. When her father finds out about the relationship-- but more importantly the wide age gap-- he demands that Kelley stop seeing him. Kelley is convinced she and Christian are falling in love and neither of them will let anyone come between them. But when Christian's adoration slowly turns into obsession it's more than Kelley can take and she begins to realize that she's put her family in danger.


    Tyler Alvarez
    François Arnaud
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