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    I Love Lucy


    I Love Lucy

    TV Series     1951     Comedy     USA
    Original lang: English, Spanish

    Lucy Ricardo is a scatterbrained housewife whose husband, Ricky, is a bandleader at a nightclub. Lucy and Ricky's best friends are landlords Fred and Ethel Mertz who often become unwitting participants in Lucy's get-rich-quick and other wild schemes. From sneaking into Ricky's shows to hiding household indiscretions, Lucy's antics have held audiences' attention for decades and have made her one of TV's most beloved characters.



    Lucille Ball
    Desi Arnaz
    Orson Welles
    Richard Widmark
    Elsa Lanchester
    John Wayne
    Rock Hudson
    Charles Boyer
    Richard Crenna
    Olin Howland
    Jack Albertson
    Lucie Arnaz
    Bob Hope
    Cornel Wilde
    Ellen Corby
    Barbara Eden
    Strother Martin
    William Holden
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