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    Poster of the movie Incendiary


    1h 36min
    2008     Psychological drama     United Kingdom

    A spirited young mother (Michelle Williams) lives with her husband, Lenny, and five year old boy in a concrete tower block overlooking a beautiful Georgian square, home of journalist Jasper Black (Ewan McGregor). Sometimes, beside herself with fear when Lenny is away on bomb disposal duties, she seeks solace in a couple of drinks in the local pub. And sometimes, if someone charming and sympathetic like Jasper comes on to her, she'll go further.

    On May Day, after seeing her boys off to a major soccer match, she meets Jasper again and brings him back to her flat. Minutes later she can only watch as live TV coverage shows the stadium ripped apart by massive explosions. In panic and denial she makes Jasper drive her towards the ground and fights through the crowds and chaos into the very heart of the nightmare.

    In the aftermath, struggling to deal with her guilt and grief at the loss of her family, she cruelly rejects Jasper's attempts to comfort her. Instead she finds herself drawn to her husband's boss, Terrence (Matthew Macfadyen), the police officer in charge of the investigation.

    Jasper leads the young mother to the twelve-year-old son of one of the suicide bombers. He is blissfully ignorant of his father's terrible deed. She embarks on a friendship with the boy that could just be both his salvation and her own. But everyone's fate hangs on the real truth behind the events of that day, a truth which the authorities, including Terrence, will do their utmost to keep secret.

    Directed bySharon Maguire
    Written bySharon Maguire, Chris Cleave


    Michelle Williams
    Ewan McGregor
    Matthew Macfadyen
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