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    Inspector George Gently

    Poster of the movie Inspector George Gently
    TV Series    2007     Criminal drama    
    United Kingdom

    A former Scotland Yard sleuth now tracking murders in Britain's North Country, George Gently (Tony nominee Martin Shaw) is an old-time copper in the rapidly changing 1960s. Based on Alan Hunter's novels, this series has been compared to Foyle's War and Midsomer Murders. Lee Ingleby stars as Gently's overeager protégé.



    Martin Shaw
    Lee Ingleby
    Dave Johns
    Vincent Regan
    Kieran Bew
    Mark Gatiss
    Adam Levy
    Richard Armitage
    Kevin Doyle
    Pip Torrens
    Ralph Brown
    Jodie Comer
    Tim McInnerny
    Eamonn Walker
    James Norton
    Francis Magee
    Daniel Lapaine
    Amy Huberman
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