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    Poster of the movie Jolene
    2008     Drama    

    Based on the provocative short story 'Jolene: A Life' by celebrated author E. L. Doctorow, director Dan Ireland's film JOLENE follows a beautiful young red-headed Southern girl from ages fifteen to twenty-five, as she navigates her way through bad foster homes and a failed teenage marriage, escapes from a mental institution, and hits the road looking for love and adventure throughout America. During her journey, Jolene is introduced into a series of relationships with men who all desire her, but misfortune usually intervenes as she searches for the life she yearns.

    Directed byDan Ireland
    Written byE.L. Doctorow, Dennis Yares


    Jessica Chastain
    Frances Fisher
    Rupert Friend
    Dermot Mulroney
    Chazz Palminteri
    Denise Richards
    Theresa Russell
    Michael Vartan
    Asher Angel
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    11 years ago

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