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    Poster of the movie Kika


    1h 54min
    1993     Comedy-drama     Spain/France
    Original lang: Spanish

    When Nicholas (Peter Coyote), a famous American author, brings in a cosmetologist named Kika (Verónica Forqué) to prepare the corpse of his recently deceased son, Ramon (Alex Casanovas), Kika inadvertently revives the young man, then falls in love with him. Forces conspire against the couple, though, as Nicholas wants Kika for himself. Kika also must contend with the fact that her maid is sheltering her convict brother in her apartment while tabloid TV show "Today's Worst" covers her romance.

    Directed byPedro Almodóvar
    Written byPedro Almodóvar


    Verónica Forqué
    Peter Coyote
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