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    Italian poster of the movie L'Avventura
    1960     Drama    
    2h 23min
    Original language: Italian

    Two lovely young women, Claudia (Monica Vitti) and Anna (Léa Massari), join the latter's lover, Sandro (Gabriele Ferzetti), on a boat trip to a remote volcanic island. When Anna goes missing, an extensive search is launched. In the meantime, Sandro and Claudia become involved in a romance despite Anna's disappearance, though the relationship suffers from the guilt and tension brought about by the looming mystery.

    Directed byMichelangelo Antonioni
    Written byMichelangelo Antonioni


    Gabriele Ferzetti
    Monica Vitti
    Lea Massari
    Dominique Blanchar
    Renzo Ricci
    James Addams
    Dorothy De Poliolo
    Lelio Luttazzi
    Giovanni Petrucci
    Esmeralda Ruspoli
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