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    Lady Jane

    Poster of the movie Lady Jane

    Lady Jane

    2h 16min
    1986     Romantic drama     United Kingdom
    Original lang: English, Spanish

    In 1553, England's idle rich were anything but idle. With the blessing of the royal family, they plundered the riches of the church, stole the finest farmlands, and generally took all the best things the country had to offer. A cousin to the infamous Henry VII, Lady Jane Grey disapproved of the way her fellow nobles behaved, and disagreed with their religious beliefs. But as a sheltered 16-year-old, there wasn't much she could do about it. Then, through a strange turn of events, Lady Jane Grey was crowned Queen Jane, ruler of all England. Based on the true story of the girl who found herself Queen of England for nine days at age 16, Lady Jane is a historical romance at its bittersweet best.

    Directed byTrevor Nunn
    Written byChris Bryant, David Edgar
    CompanyWarner Bros.Warner Bros.Warner Bros.


    Helena Bonham Carter
    Cary Elwes
    John Wood
    Patrick Stewart
    Joss Ackland
    Pip Torrens
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