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    Le Rire

    Poster of the movie Le Rire

    Le Rire

    2h 4min
    2019     Drama     Canada
    Original lang: French

    As a civil war shakes the Quebec province of Canada, Valérie is the sole survivor of a mass execution in which her boyfriend is killed. Years later, she's in a close relationship with her new partner, Gabriel. At the Long Term Care Center where she works as a caregiver, she befriends Jeanne, a well-read and funny woman, who is dealing with severe physical disability. Mixing realism and unsettling bizarreness, Laughter explores the survivor's syndrome, the grieving process, the distance of time, the power of love, and the joy of being alive.

    Directed byMartin Laroche
    Written byMartin Laroche
    CompanyMaison 4:3Maison 4:3Maison 4:3


    Léane Labrèche-Dor
    Micheline Lanctôt
    Alexandre Landry
    Sylvie Drapeau
    Évelyne Rompré
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    Photo from the movie Le Rire
    Photo from the movie Le Rire

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