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    Leonard Part 6

    Poster of the movie Leonard Part 6

    Leonard Part 6

    1h 25min
    1987     Sci-fi comedy     USA

    In 1987, Cosby was at the peak of fame as TV dad and Jell-O pitchman. That wasn't enough, hence this lump of cinematic excrement, in which Leonard has to vanquish an evil force that brainwashes small animals into killing people. Where else can you see a rainbow trout eating a CIA agent alive? This inept, unfunny spy comedy was co-written by and stars Cosby; oddly on release, he urged a boycott to protect his reputation, and purchased the television rights so it would never appear. Where are Parts 1-5? Thankfully unfilmed. Then, as now, the big question is, "What was Bill Cosby thinking?"

    Directed byPaul Weiland
    Written byJonathan Reynolds
    CompanyColumbia PicturesColumbia PicturesColumbia Pictures


    Bill Cosby
    Tom Courtenay
    Joe Don Baker
    Grace Zabriskie
    Jane Fonda
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