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    Les Ambitieux

    Poster of the movie Les Ambitieux

    Les Ambitieux

    1h 30min
    2006     Comedy     France
    Original lang: French

    Julien works in a bookshop in the provinces, writing and dreaming of being published. But the strange consequences of a meeting with Judith Zahn, a redoubtable Paris editor will change his destiny. Julien will find himself by chance in possession of the secrets notebooks of the father of the editor with whom the latter had a love-hate relationship. Becoming the official lover of the terrible Judith, Julien will use these secrets, which do not belong to him, to write a novel in secret. Discovering the manuscript, Judith, feeling betrayed, reproaches Julien for having pretended to love her, but accepts to edit the book as it could become a success, all the while preparing her vengeance against the young and ambitious writer

    Directed byCatherine Corsini
    Written byCatherine Corsini, Benoît Graffin
    CompanyChristal FilmsChristal FilmsChristal Films


    Karin Viard
    Éric Caravaca
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