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    Les Fantômes des Trois Madeleine

    Poster of the movie Les Fantômes des Trois Madeleine
    2000     Drama    
    1h 21min
    Original language: French

    On a road trip through French Canada, three generations of women - all named Madeleine - get to know one another as a host of familial and societal themes unfold, full of poetry and hope. The grandmother, Mado, meets the daughter whom she had given up for adoption years earlier, unleashing a passionate recollection of her own youth and a long-lost love. The daughter, Marie-Madeleine, is a thoroughly modern and strong-minded woman; the encounter with her mother allows her to face unacknowledged fears and embrace new possibilities.

    Directed byGuylaine Dionne
    Written byGuylaine Dionne
    CompanyFrance FilmLes Films EquinoxeLes Films Equinoxe


    Sylvie Drapeau
    France Arbour
    Maxim Gaudette
    Isabelle Blais
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