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    Losing Control

    Losing Control (2011)
    Directed byValerie Weiss
    Written byValerie Weiss


    LOSING CONTROL is a smart and original romantic comedy about a female scientist who wants empirical proof that her boyfriend is "the one." Evoking a lighthearted and clever tone, LOSING CONTROL is the story of a charmingly neurotic Harvard graduate student whose life doesn't seem to be working out the way she planned. Frustrated by life's unpredictability and determined to apply scientific principles to her love life, she sets off on a series of wild dating adventures - a journey that ultimately leads to her understanding that nothing can be controlled and that life is indeed more about the ride than the destination.


    Miranda Kent
    Reid Scott
    Kathleen Robertson
    Lin Shaye
    Alanna Ubach
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    Photo from the movie Losing Control

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