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    Lost Angelas

    Poster of the movie Lost Angelas

    Lost Angelas

    1h 28min
    2019     Thriller     USA

    Best actress nominee Angela Rose (Korrina Rico) is missing and the only lead to her over-publicized disappearance is her ex-fiancé and struggling screenwriter, Jake Hart (William Wayne). Searching for Angela and haunted by memories he cannot explain, Jake must relive all his encounters with notorious film director Walt Warshaw (Jon Jacobs) to discover the truth.

    Lost Angelas is a Neo noir psychological thriller set in the underbelly of Hollywood. The film explores topical, controversial and complex themes of sexuality in Hollywood and the actresses role as a muse to a male dominated industry of writers & directors and the blurred lines that result.

    Directed byWilliam Wayne
    Written byWilliam Wayne, Jen Zias


    Korrina Rico
    William Wayne
    Jon Jacobs
    David Proval
    John Capodice
    Charlotte Lewis
    John Aprea
    Jane Crawley
    Melissa Mars
    Jennifer Field
    Josh Kloss
    Cheri Moon
    Claire Sinclair
    Ariel Archuleta
    Anna Smith
    Ivan Robles
    Harry Marshak
    Scott Marshak
    Kk Holliday
    Ray Lara
    Benny Campellone
    Marty Martinez
    Will De Los Santos
    Mike Perez
    Jessica Casey
    Angela Riccio
    Veronica Della Vedova
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    Photo from the movie Lost Angelas
    Photo from the movie Lost Angelas
    Photo from the movie Lost Angelas
    Photo from the movie Lost Angelas

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