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    Love from Ground Zero

    Poster of the movie Love from Ground Zero

    Love from Ground Zero

    1h 42min
    1998     Comedy-drama     USA

    Three strangers drive from New York to Montana with the ashes of a mutual friend, Henry. Using old postcards as their road map, the threesome -- Henry's Southern girlfriend (Jacqueline McKenzie), his drifting college buddy (Simon Baker), and his childhood friend (Pruitt Taylor-Vince) -- head "out west" in search of his final resting place. What they find along the way are pieces of themselves and their friend that lay hidden in the murky landscape between life and loss.

    Directed byStephen Grynberg
    Written byStephen Grynberg


    Simon Baker
    Jacqueline McKenzie
    Pruitt Taylor Vince
    James Gammon
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