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    Poster of the movie Macao
    Macao (1952)
    Run time1h21m
    GenreCriminal drama
    Directed byJosef von Sternberg
    Written byBernard C. Schoenfeld
    CompanyRKO Radio PicturesRKO Radio PicturesRKO Radio Pictures


    Nicholas Ray was brought on to finish this atmospheric crime yarn after the movie's producer, Howard Hughes, forced Josef von Sternberg off the project. But Macao still shimmers with its initial director's signature textures and tones: dresses and gloves sheathed in glitter; an Escher-like casino; a pier-set finale that recalls The Docks of New York. It was, by all accounts, an unpleasant, tumultuous production. The final movie, though, is surprisingly buoyant -- a shimmering cinematic vacation. As a gangster's moll entangled in the lives of an American runaway (Robert Mitchum) and a singer (Jane Russell), Grahame circles around the edges of the movie, occasionally sending off a flash of light from the shadows.


    Robert Mitchum
    Jane Russell
    William Bendix
    Thomas Gomez
    Gloria Grahame
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