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    Midnight Traveler

    Poster of the movie Midnight Traveler

    Midnight Traveler (2019)

    Original lang.English, Arabic, Turkish
    Run time1h30m
    GenreWar documentary
    Directed byHassan Fazili
    Written byEmelie Coleman Mahdavian


    When the Taliban forces filmmakers (and married couple) Hassan Fazili and Fatima Hussaini to flee Afghanistan with their two daughters, they begin filming their time on the road, which includes running across borders, sleeping on roadsides, interacting with smugglers, and staying at multiple refugee camps along the way. Poetically shot entirely on three cell phones, Midnight Traveler immerses viewers in the ongoing and heartbreaking refugee crisis, capturing the family at their most desperate and yet most loving, as they try to stay hopeful without a place to call home.


    Hassan Fazili
    Nargis Fazili
    Zahra Fazili
    Fatima Hossaini

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    Clip: Edge of hell (with Eng. subt.)

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    Trailer (with Eng. subt.)

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    Photo from the movie Midnight Traveler
    Photo from the movie Midnight Traveler
    Photo from the movie Midnight Traveler

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