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    Mighty Joe Young

    Poster of the movie Mighty Joe Young
    Mighty Joe Young (1949)
    Run time1h34m
    GenreAdventure drama
    Directed byErnest B_ Schoedsack
    Written byRuth Rose, Merian C. Cooper
    CompanyRKO Radio PicturesRKO Radio PicturesRKO Radio Pictures


    Sixteen years after King Kong, director Schoedsack, producer Merian C. Cooper, and special effects wizard Willis O'Brien teamed up to make another thrilling movie about an out of control gorilla. The target of Joe Young's rampage is a crowd of Hollywood honchos out to exploit the big ape's talents. O'Brien's assistant was Ray Harryhausen -- this is the first feature to contain his marvelous style of stop-motion animation.


    Terry Moore
    Ben Johnson
    Richard Farnsworth
    Fay Wray
    Joyce Compton
    Ellen Corby
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