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    Mon oncle Antoine

    Poster of the movie Mon oncle Antoine
    1971     Drama    
    1h 44min
    Original language: French
    ONF   June 16, 2025

    Benoit (Jacques Gagnon) is an adolescent in the care of his uncle, Antoine (Jean Duceppe), who runs a general store in a small mining town in Quebec. To make some extra money, Antoine doubles as the town's undertaker. During the Christmas shopping rush, Benoit helps out at the store, learning a lot about himself in the process. When he accompanies his uncle to pick up a body of a local boy who has recently died, he is faced with his own mortality, and realizes that life is fleeting.

    Directed byClaude Jutra
    Written byClaude Jutra, Clément Perron
    CompanyGendon FilmsGendon FilmsGendon Films


    Jacques Gagnon
    Lyne Champagne
    Monique Mercure
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