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    Poster of the movie Monk
    TV Series    2002     Criminal drama    

    Former police detective Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub), whose photographic memory and amazing ability to piece together tiny clues made him a local legend, has suffered from intensified obsessive-compulsive disorder and a variety of phobias since the unsolved murder of his wife, Trudy, in 1997. Now on psychiatric leave from the San Francisco Police Department and working as a freelance detective/ consultant on difficult cases, Monk hopes to convince his former boss, Captain Leland Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine), to allow him to return to the force. Stottlemeyer, who wavered between admiration for Monk and annoyance at his eccentricities during the first season, is becoming more of a friend to Monk as the series develops, frequently calling him in to help, as much for Monk's benefit as for his own. However, he knows Monk's limitations as well as his strengths and may still harbor doubts about the wisdom of allowing Monk to carry a gun or subdue a perpetrator. Stottlemeyer's second-in-command, Lieutenant Randall Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford), also seems to be developing both admiration and compassion for the man he once labeled "the defective detective." Despite flaws and inadequacies all around, the three are becoming an increasingly effective team, with additional help from Monk's personal assistant. From the double-episode pilot through the first half of season three, Monk was aided by his nurse, Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram). But in the tenth episode of the third season, Sharona was replaced by a new assistant, Natalie Teeger (Traylor Howard). Like Sharona, a divorcee with a son named Benjy, Natalie is a single parent, a widow with a daughter named Julie (Emmy Clarke). Unlike Sharona, Natalie is not a nurse but a former bartender with a fresh perspective on "Mr. Monk," as she still addresses her new boss.




    Tony Shalhoub
    Jason Gray-Stanford
    Ted Levine
    Bitty Schram
    Hector Elizondo
    Glenne Headly
    David Sparrow
    Virginia Madsen
    Casper Van Dien
    Jay Mohr
    Steve Zahn
    John Turturro
    Peter Stormare
    Jon Favreau
    Philip Baker Hall
    Dan Hedaya
    Stanley Tucci
    James Gammon
    Willie Nelson
    DJ Qualls
    Alfred Molina
    Lolita Davidovich
    Sean Astin
    Teri Polo
    Julie Bowen
    Jason Alexander
    Malcolm McDowell
    Gena Rowlands
    Henry Czerny
    David Strathairn
    Niecy Nash
    Evan Peters
    David Koechner
    Andy Richter
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