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    My Name Is Joker

    My Name Is Joker (1972)

    Mera Naam Joker
    Original lang.Hindi, Russian, English
    Run time3h44m
    Directed byRaj Kapoor
    Written byKhwaja Ahmad Abbas


    Raj Kapoor's lavish, legendary film maudit (or "accursed film"), clocking in at almost four hours, was condemned as an exercise in self-pity throughout the Indian film world. Both a colossal failure and a colossal extravaganza, its reputation has been gradually revived by Western critics, who saw in it echoes of Chaplin (particularly Limelight) and Fellini and proclaimed it a self-reflexive masterwork. Kapoor here completely undermines the tramp persona he had so carefully evolved over two decades, removing from it all traces of heroism and social justice: this tramp is a saccharine, mopey, love-obsessed clown whose one goal in life is to follow in his father's footsteps as a trapeze artist so he can "make Jesus laugh." Joker mirrors the three-story, three-ages structure of Kapoor's first film Aag, tracing the clown's three pathetically failed relationships: with his high school teacher, a beautiful Soviet circus performer, and a cross-dressing girl who dumps him when she becomes a movie star. As a sign of love he sends each a sad clown doll and, later in life, gathers them all together at a circus performance for the send-off monologue that begins and ends the film. A compulsively watchable, astonishing train wreck of a film.


    Manoj Kumar
    Simi Garewal
    Rishi Kapoor
    Sophia Loren
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    Photo from the movie My Name Is Joker
    Photo from the movie My Name Is Joker
    Photo from the movie My Name Is Joker
    Photo from the movie My Name Is Joker

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