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    No Return

    Spanish poster of the movie No Return

    No Return

    Sin retorno     1h 44min
    2010     Dramatic thriller     Spain/Argentina
    Original lang: Spanish

    After narrowly escaping being run over by a ventriloquist, Pablo (Agustin Vasquez) is the victim of a hit-and-run by teenagers Matiás (Martin Slipak) and Chaucha (Felipe Villanueva). The bad situation spirals out of control as Matiás concocts a story that his car was stolen, meanwhile nervously hearing reports that Pablo has gone into a coma, and as Matiás' father (Federico Luppi) inadvertently stirs up TV interest when he goes looking for witnesses to the falsely reported crime.

    Directed byMiguel Cohan
    Written byMiguel Cohan


    Leonardo Sbaraglia
    Martin Slipak
    Federico Luppi
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