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    Nos Llaman Guerreras

    Spanish poster of the movie Nos Llaman Guerreras
    Nos Llaman Guerreras (2018)
    Original lang.Spanish, English
    Run time1h22m
    Directed byDavid Alonso, Edwin Corona Ramos, Jennifer Socorr


    The story of Venezuelan football changed the moment a crowded stadium with over 50,000 people saw the Venezuelan Under-17 Women Football Team raise the South American Championship trophy. A group of girls marked by poverty and gender discrimination in a country in crisis.

    Since that moment the team focus takes a new level: winning Venezuela's first FIFA World Cup to give women's football a voice in their own country and perhaps in all of South America.

    Pressure deepens for the team as they train without their most lethal pair: Deyna Castellanos, studying in the U.S, and the suddenly injured Daniuska Rodriguez.


    Deyna Castellanos
    Verónica Herrera
    Sandra Luzardo
    Yerliane Moreno
    Daniuska Rodríguez

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