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    On the Doll

    On the Doll

    2007     Drama     USA

    "On the Doll" is a story of the victims of child abuse, and the pain it visits upon their later lives. With interweaving stories following victims and victimizers, the film depicts the variety of experiences of abuse. Utilizing a young cast of up and coming actors including Brittany Snow and Josh Janowicz, the characters wander through their disaffected lives searching for meaning, while falling into patterns that lead to more pain. The first feature by acclaimed music video director Thomas Mignone, On The Doll is beautifully shot yet emotionally wrenching, and sure to hit a powerful chord in its viewers.

    Directed byThomas Mignone
    Written byThomas Mignone


    Brittany Snow
    Josh Janowicz
    Clayne Crawford
    Theresa Russell
    Angela Sarafyan
    Cam Gigandet
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