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    One of Our Aircraft Is Missing

    Poster of the movie One of Our Aircraft Is Missing

    One of Our Aircraft Is Missing

    1h 42min
    1942     Action drama     United Kingdom
    Original lang: English, Dutch, German

    A dramatic and suspenseful WW II action story based on the actual methods by which the Dutch smuggled “crashed” British airmen through Holland to the North Sea and back to England. Six such airmen parachute from their crippled plane into a wood and are discovered by children who take them to a farm where the Dutch question them at length before offering them help. They endure many hairbreadth escapes from the Nazis and quislings before they reach a sea port. There, a heroic woman smuggles them across the sea under the ever-suspicious noses of the Nazis. Their escape is fraught with many dangers and an unexpected turn of events. However, they all return safely to England and more air missions over Germany.

    Directed byMichael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
    Written byEmeric Pressburger, Michael Powell



    Godfrey Tearle
    Eric Portman
    Joyce Redman
    Peter Ustinov
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