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    Operation Heartbeat

    Poster of the movie Operation Heartbeat
    1969     Drama    
    1h 40min

    In a world where life and death depends on split-second decisions, the doctors of an urban teaching hospital work overtime to heal the bodies--and the lives--of all those who enter the University Medical Center--the U.M.C. Dr. Joseph Gannon (Richard Bradford) and Dr. Paul Lochner (James Daly) struggle to keep two men alive: Raymond Hanson (William Windom) and their colleague, Dr. Forestman (Edward G. Robinson). They cannot save Hanson, but before he dies Hanson wills his heart to save Dr. Forestman--without telling his wife. When Mrs. Hanson (Kim Stanley) discovers the close relationship between the three doctors, she files a malpractice suit--claiming that Gannon and Lochner allowed her husband die to save Dr. Forestman.

    Directed byBoris Sagal
    Written byAl C. Ward


    Richard Bradford
    Edward G. Robinson
    Kim Stanley
    Maurice Evans
    Kevin McCarthy
    William Windom
    James Shigeta
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