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    Oswald's Ghost

    Poster of the movie Oswald's Ghost

    Oswald's Ghost

    1h 30min
    2007     Documentary     USA

    For the Baby Boomers, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy took on the same since of tragedy as the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks did for Generation Y - not only for the effect that it had on a nation's morale but for the conspiracy theories that would follow in it's aftermath as well. In the aftermath of the assassination, President Lyndon B. Johnson plunged the country into a divisive and questionable war in part due to paranoia, thus creating an atmosphere of distrust and disillusionment that would linger for decades to come. Later, following the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, President Richard M. Nixon's flagrant abuse of power seemed the final nail in the coffin of American idealism. In this documentary, acclaimed filmmaker Robert Stone speaks with such renowned figures as Norman Mailer, Edward J. Epstein, Tom Haynden, and Gary Heart in order to explore the lingering malaise that still linger in the wake of the Kennedy assassination while drawing telling parallels between that pivotal event and the aftermath of the September 11th tragedy.

    Directed byRobert Stone
    Written byRobert Stone
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    Hugh Aynesworth
    David Bellin
    Oliver Stone
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