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    Passion simple

    Poster of the movie Passion simple
    2020     Romantic drama    
    1h 39min
    Original lang: French, English

    Hélène (Laetitia Dosch) is a successful woman who teaches Humanities at the Sorbonne. She is a strong, independent woman who has raised her son alone, but when she enters into an addictive, erotically-intoxicating relationship with a younger, married Russian diplomat named Aleksandre ( Sergei Polunin), she is caught in the grip of romantic obsession and the black hole desire creates. As her affair with the coldly cruel Aleksandre escalates, Hélène becomes further possessed by sexual desire and the escape it offers from the banality of her daily routine.

    Directed byDanielle Arbid
    Written byDanielle Arbid, Annie Ernaux
    CompanyStrand ReleasingStrand ReleasingStrand Releasing


    Laetitia Dosch
    Sergei Polunin
    Grégoire Colin
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