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    Pervert Park

    Poster of the movie Pervert Park

    Pervert Park

    1h 17min
    2014     Documentary     USA/Denmark/Sweden

    This gripping film confronts the problems in identifying and prosecuting sexual predators, and bravely engages a taboo issue: the inevitability of reintegrating offenders into society. Through confessional interviews, 120 convicted sex offenders who live in the Florida Justice Transitions trailer park, open up about their crimes. The cyclical nature of abuse becomes clear, along with an urgent social crisis few wish to acknowledge.

    Directed byFrida Barkfors Lasse Barkfors
    Written byFrida Barkfors Lasse Barkfors


    Félix de Givry
    Pauline Etienne
    Vincent Macaigne
    Roman Kolinka
    Vincent Lacoste
    Greta Gerwig
    Golshifteh Farahani
    Brady Corbet
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