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    Petites coupures


    Petites coupures

    1h 35min
    2003     Drama     France/United Kingdom
    Original lang: French

    Bruno Beckman (Daniel Auteuil) is a Parisian journalist for a Communist newspaper whose personal life, like his political ideology, is in a bit of turmoil. His wife, Gaëlle (Emmanuelle Devos) has just left him, aware of his infidelity with a young girl, Nathalie (Ludivine Sagnier), unwittingly revealed to her by the girl herself in a chance meeting on the street. He takes Nathalie with him on a visit to his uncle, Gérard Semain (Jean Yanne), the Communist mayor of a small town near Grenoble. Nathalie soon brutally discovers that Bruno doesn't really love her and she leaves with Gérard's son. Semain's knows that his wife is cheating on him and asks Bruno to deliver a letter to the man, Verekher (Hanns Zischler). There he meets Verekher's wife Béatrice (Kristin Scott Thomas) and his entangled love-life becomes even more complicated.

    Directed byPascal Bonitzer
    Written byPascal Bonitzer, Emmanuel Salinger


    Kristin Scott Thomas
    Daniel Auteuil
    Pascale Bussières
    Ludivine Sagnier
    Emmanuelle Devos
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