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    Pope John Paul II

    Poster of the movie Pope John Paul II

    Pope John Paul II (2005)

    CountriesItaly, USA, Poland
    Run time2h07m
    Directed byJohn Kent Harrison
    Written byJohn Kent Harrison, Francesco Contaldo


    Filmed on location in Krakow, Poland and Rome, brings the amazing story of Karol Wojtyla up close and personal, from his struggles in Nazi-occupied Poland to his dealings with the Russians and their desire to turn his beloved homeland into a godless society; from his education in the underground seminary to his election, at the age of 58, as the first non-Italian pope in 455 years; from his athletic, theatrical youth to his physically depleted old age, to his moving and dignified death. This movie portrays it all in a way never before seen with a remarkable glimpse into the inner sanctum of the Vatican conclave and the making of a pope. It will move the viewer to laugh, cry and be awed by the privilege of sharing the earth for a brief time with this saintly man.


    Jon Voight
    Cary Elwes
    James Cromwell
    Christopher Lee
    Ben Gazzara
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